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Google PubSub and duplicated messages from the TOPIC

Posted by: admin December 28, 2021 Leave a comment


How to prevent duplicated msg from happening in Google Cloud PubSub?

Say, I have a code that handles the msg that it is subscribed for.

Say, I have 2 nodes with the same Service that has this code.

Once one has received the msg but not yet acknowledged it, another node will receive the same message. And this is where there’s the problem that we have two duplicated msgs.

void messageReceiver(PubsubMessage pubsubMessage, AckReplyConsumer ackReply) {

                .doOnSuccess((response) -> {
                    log.info("Acknowledging the successfully processed message id: {}, response {}", pubsubMessage.getMessageId(), response);
                    ackReply.ack();  // <---- acknowledged
                .doOnError((e) -> {
                    log.error("Not acknowledging due to an exception", e);

What is the solution for this? Is it normal behaviour?