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I am working on a project which have some charts (graphs), tick chart, candlestick chart and range chart. But the problem is, there is no library for that charts. I have got Google chart API for candlestick chart. But I don’t want graph/chart in a webview.

Example: Android Candlestick Chart with Google Chart API

How to&Answers:

To make reading of this page more valuable (for future search results) I made a list of libraries known to me.. As @CommonsWare mentioned there are super-similar questions/answers.. Anyway some libraries that can be used for making charts are:

Open Source:


** – means I didn’t try those so I can’t really recommend it but other users suggested it..


SciChart for Android is a relative newcomer, but brings extremely fast high performance real-time charting to the Android platform.

SciChart is a commercial control but available under royalty free distribution / per developer licensing. There is also free licensing available for educational use with some conditions.

Some useful links can be found below:

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Disclosure: I am the tech lead on the SciChart project!