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Graph Hierarchical Layout Algorithm

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There are many tools and SDKs which layout a graph. ogdf, GraphViz, mxGraph, yEd…

enter image description here

One of useful layouts is “Hierarchical Layout”. But there is no pure algorithm or pseudo code to describe it. Even, There is not a clear definition of this type of layout. Is anyone know about the algorithm?


enter image description here
(source: yworks.com)

Simple hierarchical layout algorithm is visualisation of the ASAP sheduling algorithm (check this lecture [link]), so it’d be better to read it, on my view.

BTW your picture is not fully correct – the proposed visualisation is only one of the possible ones.

Imagine, that you have list of node and you know dependence between them.

Node list


Dependency list

node1 -> node2
node2 -> node4
node3 -> node5
node1 -> node3
node3 -> node6
  • As your first step, you should find nodes with no dependance – this
    would be your layer#1 nodes. Draw them.
  • Then find all nodes that depends on layer#1 nodes – this would be your layer#2 nodes.
  • And the same thing for the layer#2 and etc.
    Finally, you’ll get:

            /     \
          node2  node3
           /     /   \
        node4 node5 node6

This will work only for non-cyclic directed graphs. For the undirected ones you should modify the algorithm a bit (take random node as root), but the main idea, I think, is understandable.