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How can a valid (Project) build.gradle not show in 'Android' view?

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In Android Studio 3.0.1 Project window I select Android then expand Gradle Scripts

Normally the top of the list shows build.gradle(Project:XXXX).

It does not appear, but choosing Project window Project Files confirms it’s existance.

I have laboriously compared this project’s home directory to that of a ‘good’ project but nothing stood out.

The project was created from a recently forked repo via

File > New > Project from Version Control > GitHub 

The project builds correctly, honoring my changes to the project build.gradle.

This question may have been asked elsewhere but remains unanswered, so I am re-asking it with additional information!

Any insights or new avenues to explore would be appreciated.

I have removed Versioning for this project and the problem persists. Have removed GitHub tag for this question.

How to&Answers:

For me this worked fine.

      1. Close the project  using Close project option.
      2. Import the project newly from android studio.


You can delete .gradle and .idea folders in your project manually and reload your project, it helped me.


I eventually circumvented this bug by simply renaming the project folder!

Re-creating the problem has proved impossible, but I strongly suspect a synchronisation problem in an obscure little file called project.dat.

Please refer to the answer I gave to the aforementioned question here!


I had the same issue for android studio 4.0 alpha version, brought back android studio 3.6.1 and problem resolved