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how can I add the aidl file to Android studio (from the in-app billing example)

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I am currently migrating an Eclipse app to Android Studio.
This app was using the in app billing.

My main problem is to compile the project and the aidl file (I guess you all use this file)

I get this error message:

Gradle: error: cannot find symbol class IInAppBillingService
Gradle: error: package IInAppBillingService does not exist

So, following some tutorials, I move this file from com.mypackage.billing to src/main/aidl
(see this reference)

But as soon, as I do that, I get this message:

Gradle: Execution failed for task ‘:xxxxxxxxxxx:compileDebugAidl’.

Failed to run command:
(…) C:\Users\xxxx\AndroidStudioProjects\xxxxxxProject\xxxxxxx\src\main\aidl\IInAppBillingService.aidl:45
interface IInAppBillingService should be declared in a file called

The message is clearly a contradiction with the post from the Google bug page I linked above.

Anyone suceeded to make this aidl file to work and can help me?

enter image description here

Just to inform, some links I followed:

How to&Answers:

Just as the error message says, you need to put IInAppBillingService.aidl in the correct directory dictated by it’s package (com.android.vending.billing).

Within the src/main/aidl/ folder you already have, put the .aidl file in com/android/vending/billing/.


Adding this as an answer since it seemed to help quite a few people.

  1. Create a new directory named ‘aidl’ under ‘src/main/’. It should look like ‘src/main/aidl‘.
  2. Add a new package name ‘com.android.vending.billing‘ to the directory ‘src/main/aidl
  3. Locate your sdk location and go to “sdk\extras\google\play_billing”. Default location for the sdk is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk”. If you custom changed it, then you will have to figure out the location through the sdk manager.
  4. Copy ‘IInAppBillingService.aidl’ into the package created above. In the end, it should look similar to the image below.

Screenshot of result

  1. Rebuild project and it should be good to go.

Note: Make sure you include the necessary import if your reference isn’t working

import com.android.vending.billing.IInAppBillingService;


Edit From Comment

After I did this, the references to IInAppBillingService in my code were still highlighted as errors, but after rebuilding the app, the class was recognized


The rest of posts here didn’t work for me till I created a new folder like shown here.

enter image description here


  • Create new directory under src/main called aidl
  • Right click on directory aidl, select new->add package
  • Enter Name of the package com.android.vending.billing

  • Copy IInAppBillingService.aidl from the directory Android/Sdk/extras/google/play_billing to the directory App_name/app/src/main/aidl/com/android/vending/billing

  • Now go ahead with InApp billing coding and while defining InApp related services you will get an error can not resolve symbol IInAppBillingXXXXXX
  • Now goto to Build from android studio menu , click on Rebuild Project. This will generate IInAppBillingService.java file inside App_Name/app/build/generated/source/aidl/debug/com/android/vending/billing. This will solve the issue.


Add this code in build.gradle

android {
    sourceSets {
        main {
            aidl.srcDirs = ['src']

Rebuild and import aidl class


The above answers concentrate on file location, but it appears you already had that set correctly. I experienced this same issue in Android Studio, but none of the listed answers resolved it, and I banged my head against it for an hour. Eventually, I realized that I was missing an obvious import:

 import com.android.vending.billing.IInAppBillingService;

Once I added that it resolved this error message.

This import isn’t mentioned in any of the Google Billing docs or included in any of the code examples that I found. While it may be obvious to experienced Java developers, beginners just trying to learn their first project may need it explicitly pointed out.


We need to add

  1. create folder – src/main/aidl/packagename and place aidl file under this.

  2. In the aidl file – mention the package name.
    package packagename

Now clean the project, rebuild the project – We can the corresponding java file for the aidl generated in app\build\generated\source\aidl\debug\packagename\youraidl.java


I know it sounds so easy, but I copy paste from google sample all folder



copied into project aidl ( I had set project view in Android Studio)

and next I clean and rebuild project and it found a reference.


I’ve tried every solutions, but the problem was that Android Studio had compiled, with any apparent reason, in a different build type of the module that contains the AIDL packages than it was specified by the settings.
From debug to release, so the other modules couldn’t see the AIDL pkg.
Switching from debug to release and turns back, solved my problem.


restarting Android Studio worked for me

a second silly thing that took me a while. I dropped the code on Android Studio to allow him create the file, but he created a .java (as expected) instead a .aidl Jiji, stupid of me