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How can i get center x,y of my view in android?

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I am attaching an imageview up on my frame layout. Here i want to get my imageview center co-ordinates. i will use that same co-ordinates to set my imageview in next layout. Please suggest me how to get the center co-ordinates of my imageview.

Thanks in advance

How to&Answers:

centre of the imageView will be

 centreX=imageView.getX() + imageView.getWidth()  / 2;
 centreY=imageView.getY() + imageView.getHeight() / 2;

but make sure you call it after the imageView created


You can use getPivotX() and getPivotY(), it always keep in center of view even rotate view.


Try this :

ImageView my_image = (ImageView) findViewById(R.id.my_imageView);  

Rect rectf = new Rect();

Log.d("WIDTH        :",String.valueOf(rectf.width()));
Log.d("HEIGHT       :",String.valueOf(rectf.height()));
Log.d("left         :",String.valueOf(rectf.left));
Log.d("right        :",String.valueOf(rectf.right));
Log.d("top          :",String.valueOf(rectf.top));
Log.d("bottom       :",String.valueOf(rectf.bottom));

Hope this helps you.



As @aiueoH mentioned, you can use getPivotX() and getPivotY().

Try using this for finding coordinates of centre:

int centreX = view.getPivotX()/2;
int centreY = view.getPivotY()/2;


if you wish to align a view at the center of other view then you can use this –

float center_x = parent_view.getX() + parent_view.getWidth()/2 - child_view.getWidth()/2;

and then obviously using –