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How can i pause voice recording in Android?

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My aim is to pause in recording file.
I see in Android developer site its but Media Recorder have not pause option.

Java supports merge two audio file programatically but In android its not work.

Join two WAV files from Java?

And also I used default device audio recorder Apps which is available in all device but in Samsung few devices have not returened recording path.

Intent intent = new Intent(MediaStore.Audio.Media.RECORD_SOUND_ACTION);

Any one help for voice recording with pause functionality.

How to&Answers:


MediaRecorder does not have pause and resume methods. You need to use stop and start methods instead.


You can refer my answer here if still have this issue. For API level >= 24 pause/resume methods are available in Android MediaRecorder class.

For API level < 24

Add below dependency in your gradle file:

compile 'com.googlecode.mp4parser:isoparser:1.0.2'

The solution is to stop recorder when user pause and start again on resume as already mentioned in many other answers in stackoverflow. Store all the audio/video files generated in an array and use below method to merge all media files. The example is taken from mp4parser library and modified little bit as per my need.

public static boolean mergeMediaFiles(boolean isAudio, String sourceFiles[], String targetFile) {
        try {
            String mediaKey = isAudio ? "soun" : "vide";
            List<Movie> listMovies = new ArrayList<>();
            for (String filename : sourceFiles) {
            List<Track> listTracks = new LinkedList<>();
            for (Movie movie : listMovies) {
                for (Track track : movie.getTracks()) {
                    if (track.getHandler().equals(mediaKey)) {
            Movie outputMovie = new Movie();
            if (!listTracks.isEmpty()) {
                outputMovie.addTrack(new AppendTrack(listTracks.toArray(new Track[listTracks.size()])));
            Container container = new DefaultMp4Builder().build(outputMovie);
            FileChannel fileChannel = new RandomAccessFile(String.format(targetFile), "rw").getChannel();
            return true;
        catch (IOException e) {
            Log.e(LOG_TAG, "Error merging media files. exception: "+e.getMessage());
            return false;

Use flag isAudio as true for Audio files and false for Video files.


I had such a requirement in one of my projects, What we done was like make a raw file for saving recorded data in start of recording using AudioRecord , the for each resume we append the data to the same file


FileOutputStream fos= new FileOutputStream(filename, true); 

here the filename is the name of the raw file and append the new recording data to it.

And when user stop the recording we will convert the entire raw file to .wav( or other) formats. Sorry that i cant post the entire code. Hope this will give you a direction to work.


You can’t do it using Android API, but you can save a lot of mp4 files and merge it using mp4parser: powerful library written in Java. Also see my simple recorder with a “pause”: https://github.com/lassana/continuous-audiorecorder.