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How can I run a php without a web server?

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I would like to ask if I can run a php without having installed a web server. Do I have to use the php like CGI and run my page via command line? And if so, what are the steps that I do I have to choose through the installation of php? I mean the preferences as CGI and the components after that step?

I installed the php 5.3.3 but is seems not working, I get several message that the php5ts.dll is missing and when I put that file in my ext folder other error messages appear. Are there any configuration files or steps that I have to use?
(is php 5.3.3 suitable for doing something like this?)

If I have to have a web server installed how can I run my php code through the command line?


You should normally be able to run a php file (after a successful installation) just by running this command:

$ /path/to/php myfile.php // unix way
C:\php\php.exe myfile.php // windows way

You can read more about running PHP in CLI mode here.

It’s worth adding that PHP from version 5.4 onwards is able to run a web server on its own. You can do it by running this code in a folder which you want to serve the pages from:

$ php -S localhost:8000

You can read more about running a PHP in a Web Server mode here.


For windows system you should be able to run php by following below steps:

  1. Download php version you want to use and put it in c:\php.
  2. append ;c:\php to your system path using cmd or gui.
  3. call $ php -S localhost:8000 command in a folder which you want to serve the pages from.

See https://github.com/php-pm/php-pm.

Works fine with symphony.

But I’m fighting with it, trying run a slim app


You can use these kind of programs to emulate an apache web server and run PHP on your computer: