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How can I sort one set of data to match another set of data in Excel?

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I have a list of data that is not in alphabetical or numerical order. I want to sort a second list of the same date to match the first list. I cannot change the order of the data. My goal is to paste additional data from the second set back into the first data set.

**DATA SET A**           **DATA SET B**
22350   ____              BH160   100
22355   ____              22350   125
BH160   ____              BH190   200 
BH190   ____              22355   150

I would like to get the numerical value from column 2 of DATA SET B to show up in a new column of DATA SET A. For example, I want 125 to show up in line 1, column 2 of DATA SET 1.

My list contains about 200 unique numbers and I need to update it every week.

Can someone help me? Maybe with a macro that I could use each week?

How to&Answers:

You could also use INDEX MATCH, which is more “powerful” than vlookup. This would give you exactly what you are looking for:

enter image description here


You can use VLOOKUP.

Assuming those are in columns A and B in Sheet1 and Sheet2 each, 22350 is in cell A2 of Sheet1, you can use:

=VLOOKUP(A2, Sheet2!A:B, 2, 0)

This will return you #N/A if there are no matches. Drag/Fill/Copy&Paste the formula to the bottom of your table and that should do it.


You could also simply link both cells, and have an =Cell formula in each column like, =Sheet2!A2 in Sheet 1 A2 and =Sheet2!B2 in Sheet 1 B2, and drag it down, and then sort those two columns the way you want.

  • If they don’t sort the way you want, put the order you want to sort them in another column and sort all three columns by that.
  • If you drag it down further and get zeros you can edit the =Cell formula to show “” IF there is nothing. =(if(cell=””,””,cell)
  • Cutting, pasting, deleting, and inserting rows is something to be weary of. #REF! errors could occur.

This would be better if your unique items change also, then all you would do is sort and be done.