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How do I do string replace in JavaScript to convert ‘9.61’ to ‘9:61’?

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Given the code line

var value = $("#text").val();

and value = 9.61, I need to convert 9.61 to 9:61. How can I use the JavaScript replace function here?


Do it like this:

var value = $("#text").val(); // value = 9.61 use $("#text").text() if you are not on select box...
value = value.replace(".", ":"); // value = 9:61
// can then use it as

Updated to reflect to current version of jQuery. And also there are a lot of answers here that would best fit to any same situation as this. You, as a developer, need to know which is which.

Replace all occurrences

To replace multiple characters at a time use some thing like this: name.replace(/&/g, "-"). Here I am replacing all & chars with -. g means “global”

Note – you may need to add square brackets to avoid an error – title.replace(/[+]/g, " ")

credits vissu and Dante Cullari


Probably the most elegant way of doing this is to do it in one step. See val().

$("#text").val(function(i, val) {
  return val.replace('.', ':');

compared to:

var val = $("#text").val();
$("#text").val(val.replace('.', ':'));

From the docs:

.val( function(index, value) )

function(index, value)A function
returning the value to set.

This method is typically used to set
the values of form fields. For
<select multiple="multiple">
elements, multiple s can be
selected by passing in an array.

The .val() method allows us to set
the value by passing in a function. As
of jQuery 1.4, the function is passed
two arguments, the current element’s
index and its current value:

$('input:text.items').val(function(index, value) {
  return value + ' ' + this.className;

This example appends the string ”
items” to the text inputs’ values.

This requires jQuery 1.4+.


I love jQuery‘s method chaining. Simply do…

    var value = $("#text").val().replace('.',':');

    //Or if you want to return the value:
    return $("#text").val().replace('.',':');


A simple one liner:

$("#text").val( $("#text").val().replace(".", ":") );


It can be done with the regular JavaScript function replace().

value.replace(".", ":");


You can use JavaScript functions like replace, and you can wrap the jQuery code in brackets:

var value = ($("#text").val()).replace(".", ":");

$("#text").val(function(i,v) { 
   return v.replace(".", ":"); 

(9.61 + "").replace('.',':')

Or if your 9.61 is already a string: