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How do I get the filepath for a class in Python?

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Given a class C in Python, how can I determine which file the class was defined in? I need something that can work from either the class C, or from an instance off C.

The reason I am doing this, is because I am generally a fan off putting files that belong together in the same folder. I want to create a class that uses a Django template to render itself as HTML. The base implementation should infer the filename for the template based on the filename that the class is defined in.

Say I put a class LocationArtifact in the file “base/artifacts.py”, then I want the default behaviour to be that the template name is “base/LocationArtifact.html”.


You can use the inspect module, like this:

import inspect



import sys, os


This is the wrong approach for Django and really forcing things.

The typical Django app pattern is:

  • /project
    • /appname
      • models.py
      • views.py
      • /templates
        • index.html
        • etc.