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How do I import a custom made icon in Android Studio?

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I made my own icon for my Android app, but I am a beginner in Android Studio, and it is not importing into my already existing Android Studio project.

I read to just use the Android Launcher Icon Generator from Android Asset Studio, which then creates a zip file for you, which should be placed inside your project res folder. I basically replaced the old res folder with the new one, and I checked and all the new icons are in their right folders, i.e. drawable-hdpi, drawable-mdpi, etc within my project directory, but they are not in the res folder of my project pane of Android Studio.

However, I restarted Android Studio, and it did not refresh to show these new imports. When I run my project, it still shows the old standard ic-launcher.png files.

How to&Answers:

right click on res folder, selecting New > Image Asset. browse image file,
should do the job for you


You can change the icon by going in the AndroidManifest.xml of your project, look for the Application tab below the status bar(if that’s what it is called) then look for the Icon label/text click the Browse… button beside the textarea then it will prompt a Resource Chooser dialog. Click the Create New Icon; it will show Create Asset Set dialog, you can proceed to the next dialog by clicking the Next button, configure the icon set by selecting whether it is image or text or clipart that you want for the icon.

When you click the image button, it will the path of your old image, you can select your new image by clicking Browse -> directory to your new image. Select your desired scaling, shape and background for the other fields or settings. Click Finish, it will prompt that the file already exists and will change all the ic_launcher.png in your /res folder, just click Yes to All. Then it’s now updated to your new image.


Very easy.
Just copy your generated icon paste it in drawable folder as follows.

Suppose generated icons are in those folders:

enter image description here

Then go to every folder, copy the icon and paste in drawable folder. Android studio will ask to select a folder, paste it to corresponding folder.

enter image description here

Don’t worry for first icon, after pasting second icon, android studio automatically create folder structure.

I know there are other proper ways to import custom icon, but this easy and not thinkable way