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How do I include a PHP script in Python?

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I have a PHP script (news-generator.php) which, when I include it, grabs a bunch of news items and prints them. Right now, I’m using Python for my website (CGI). When I was using PHP, I used something like this on the “News” page:

print("<h1>News and Updates</h1>");

(I cut down the example for simplicity.)

Is there a way I could make Python execute the script (news-generator.php) and return the output which would work cross-platform? That way, I could do this:

page_html = "<h1>News and Updates</h1>"
news_script_output = php("news-generator.php") //should return a string
print page_html + news_script_output
How to&Answers:
import subprocess

def php(script_path):
    p = subprocess.Popen(['php', script_path], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
    result = p.communicate()[0]
    return result

page_html = "<h1>News and Updates</h1>"
news_script_output = php("news-generator.php") 
print page_html + news_script_output


PHP is a program. You can run any program with subprocess.

The hard part is simulating the whole CGI environment that PHP expects.


maybe off topic, but if you want to do this in a way where you can access the vars and such created by the php script (eg. array of news items), your best best will be to do the exec of the php script, but return a json encoded array of items from php as a string, then json decode them on the python side, and do your html generation and iteration there.


I think the best answer would be to have apache render both pages separately and then use javascript to load that page into a div. You have the slight slowdown of the ajax load but then you dont have to worry about it.

There is an open-source widget thing that will run multiple languages in 1 page but I cant remember what its called.


You could use urllib to get the page from the server (localhost) and execute it in the right environment for php. Not pretty, but it’ll work. It may cause performance problems if you do it a lot.