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How do I return SQL results in the scope of the parent function in NodeJS?

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I’m currently working on a brackets text-editor extension that keeps your work time in a database and lets you view your time entries. I’m using NodeJS to interact with the SQL server. I’ve been able to enter time as I want and I’ve successfully called the entries with a select statement. However, I am trying to display the results on a panel at the bottom of brackets.

I can’t figure out how to get the result from my select statement to the wider scope so I can pass it to main.js. I’m new to Node and have read a lot about callbacks and promises but nothing seems to help. I tried using a callback but I can’t get the value from the callback to equal a variable that can be returned.

Here’s the code:`

(function () {
"use strict";
var mysql = require('mysql');
* @private
* @return {array}

function viewTime() {
    var con = mysql.createConnection({
        host: "localhost",
        user: "root",
        password: "root",
        database: "brackets_timer_data"

    con.connect(function(err) {
      if (err) {
      } else {
        con.query("SELECT * FROM work_sessions", function (err, result, fields) {
            if (err) {
            //I need to get the result from here
      //And return it here so I can pass the variable to main.js

 * Initializes the test domain with several test commands.
 * @param {DomainManager} domainManager The DomainManager for the server
    function init(domainManager) {
        if (!domainManager.hasDomain("view")) {
            domainManager.registerDomain("view", {major: 0, minor: 1});
            "view",       // domain name
            "viewTime",    // command name
            viewTime,   // command handler function
            false,          // this command is synchronous in Node
            "Returns time entry results.",
            [{name: "results", // return values
                type: "array",
              description: "Time entry results"}]
exports.init = init;


`Any thoughts?