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How do I update Android SDK in Linux via command line

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Is there a ubuntu commandline command to update my Android API, I need to download android-19

Note: I am using ubuntu commandline only, no GUI.


How to&Answers:

From the documentation:

Starting with Tools R12, the SDK Manager offers a slightly better way
to update the SDK from command-line.

Previously the “android update sdk --no-ui” command already allowed
one to update from the command-line, but it had the annoying tendency
of installing every single platform or add-on. There are now 30 or
more packages available on the SDK repository, including 12 platforms;
that’s a lot to download when most people only need the most recent
platform. Starting with R12, you can use combine new things:

  • android list sdk” will connect to the remote repository and list all the
    packages available with an index number.

  • android update sdk --no-ui
    accepts a “--filter” argument that can take a package index, or a
    category name.

Here’s an example in action:

enter image description here

There’s still room for improvement, notably in a future release we’ll work on the first install case and making the update smarter at figuring out what to get.