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How is Dart VM's performance compared to Node.js? [closed]

Posted by: admin November 30, 2017 Leave a comment


I would like to start a new Nodejs project soon, and I was wondering if I should try out Dart VM instead. I read that Dart VM is not finished yet, but I should already have everything I need (web server, sockets, files i/o), and I would enjoy discovering something new.

Does anyone have experience with both Node and DartVM, and can tell me what are the major differences/problems to expect, or if Dart VM is really not usable for real server side projects yet?

I’m not asking for your personal preferences, but for actual problems I might encounter based on your experience.


I worked on a small project, a few months ago, using Dart as a server side language. I really enjoyed it and didn’t have any specific problem beside the occasional “there’s no package for that” – there are way more packages for Node than for Dart. This could be something to consider for development speed (no need to reinvent the wheel). Other than that, everything went fine.

As a note, it is being used live by others: top 5 live websites already using Dart