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How much data can be stored in MySQL?

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I am just a beginner in MySQL, I need to know how much data can be stored in MySQL. I am developing a web crawler, can I store all the data in MySQL, or do I need to use another Database? Which is more faster? What I mean is, which has the highest Writing/Reading Rate? Do I need to reconfigure to add more data?


Depends on the operating system.

**Operating System**           **File-size Limit**
Win32 w/ FAT/FAT32              2GB/4GB
Win32 w/ NTFS              2TB (possibly larger)
Linux 2.2-Intel 32-bit      2GB (LFS: 4GB)
Linux 2.4+                      4TB
Solaris 9/10              16TB
MacOS X w/ HFS+              2TB
NetWare w/NSS file system      8TB


Your write/read rate is of pretty much no concern to you, your bottleneck is going to be your internet connection.