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How recreate blank table automatically in Excel

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So I’m just getting into Excel and I want to learn more about it so please bear with me.

Currently I have a working timesheet that does what I want. Well, not everything…what I want to do is use it to keep a record of weeks and such. So my question; is there a way to automatically create an exactly similar table but empty? No dates or times, all blank and waiting to be filled in but with the formulas still intact so that all I have to do is fill in the dates and time and it automatically calculates everything. What I would love is to automatically create a new table when I hit enter into a new row but at this point I’m just wondering how I’d copy this table so that it’s blank and ready to be filled in. Any advice or help is appreciated!

How to&Answers:

You can record a macro by going into Developer > Record Macro.
Then you go into Insert table and you insert a new table.
Finally you go back to developer and you stop registering the macro.

You can just insert a button by going into Developer Insert Button and then assign to that button the macro that you have just created. By clicking on that button you will have a new table every time.

Hope this helps.