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How Scalable is Codeigniter V Other PHP Frameworks?

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How Scalable is Codeigniter V Other PHP Frameworks? I’m new to Codeigniter and love to know how scalable it is when compared to other PHP Frameworks?

How to&Answers:

CodeIgniter is massively scalable because it does very little. That might sound slightly ridiculous coming from a CodeIgniter enthusiast but that is exactly why I love it.

CodeIgniter is ridiculously lightweight. It has no conventions, no real overhead and has been reccomended by Rasmus as the most lightweight framework around.

Scalability is about growing your application, in traffic, performance and general size. General size does not matter as it only loads what you load, traffic is fine with some correct caching and performance works brilliantly as I have already pointed out: it is light as hell.

I have a bunch of websites ranked 100,000 and higher on Alexa and they haven’t struggled yet.


Generally when speaking of Scalability, most people tend to think in one direction and that is in terms of growth. Many frameworks handle growth fine, but CI’s strong suit is being able to control the footprint of the framework to scale both up AND down depending on the use. You, the developer have ultimate control over resource efficiency and this generally means that even as your application grows, you retain this control, so that even if your application demands it, you can continue to utilize resources accordingly.

Ask 10 Web Application Developers and you’ll probably get 4 or 5 different answers going along with the tags you used.

And it’s a chicken or the egg question when you ask if they are using it because the like it, or like it because they use it.


CodeIgniter is for PHP4. Kohana is the best choice out of those you have tagged.
CI is great but I don’t know how scalable can it be comparing to these.