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How to best do EXCEL VBA on a production server

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“The Business” wrote a sophisticated Excel VBA Macro that scans multiple complex and irregular (multiple logical tables per tab) spreadsheets and produces a summary XLS. Management wants IT to “productionize it” and run it on a server.

I’ve seen example of using the Jet drive to read regular tables (1 per tab) in a spreadsheet, but the spreadsheets are irregular and this macro does more than read, it sets cell formulas, etc. Therefore, I guess we need full VBA.

How do you do this in production if you can’t install Excel on a production server?

How to&Answers:

You can use a library for interacting with Excel files like Spreadsheet Gear for instance… I am sure there are plenty of others. You can then read the Excel files and then produce the summary XLS. You’d need to tie it all together using VB. You wouldn’t need to install Excel on the production server though.