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How to check java version at linux (RedHat6)

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enter image description here I am trying to check what java version I have installed in my linux machine, I have tried:

which java 

and I get:


but when I type:

java -version 

the console is returning nothing and getting stuck in a “java mode” , feels like the command called java and its waiting for my inputs, any thing I type then returns nothing… until I type crt+C it exits the mode…


If your java version more than 1.6 then it should work

java -version

if version is not installed it returns error message

Please share some snapshot so i can rectify it


To answer your question directly, you can use

rpm -qi java


yum info “java”

For future Referenecs . You can try any of these commands.

rpm -qi “package_name_without_quotes”

It gives information of installed package. To display information about one or more packages (glob expressions are valid here as well), use the following command :

yum info “package_name_without quotes”


yum list “package_name_without_quotes”


yum –showduplicates list “package_name_without_quotes”

The yum info package_name command is similar to the rpm -q –info package_name command, but provides as additional information the ID of the Yum repository the RPM package is found in.

You can also query the Yum database for alternative and useful information about a package by using the following command :

yumdb info “package_name_without_quotes”

This command provides additional information about a package, including the check sum of the package (and algorithm used to produce it, such as SHA-256), the command given on the command line that was invoked to install the package (if any), and the reason that the package is installed on the system.


To check which version of Java is installed, follow this procedure:
-Open a Linux command prompt.
-Enter the command java -version.

-If Java version is installed on your system, you see a Java installed response. Check the version number in the message.

-If Java is not installed on your system, or the version of Java is earlier than 1.6, use the Linux Yellowdog Update, Modified (yum) utility to install a compatible version. If the 64-bit version of Java V1.6 is not installed, the installation does not complete successfully.