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How to convert NUnit output into an HTML report

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a good tool, xslt or other that can produce an HTML report from the XML output of NUnit?

We’re currently using NUnit 2.5.5 to run a number of tests on our code base. The dev team are happy seeing the output in the GUI and console runners and the report shown on our Hudson server.

The Hudson generated report needs a user to click links to drill down to some of the details. I would like to produce a single document report suitable for showing to management and/or the client.

Thus far, the only tool I’ve found is http://nunit2report.sourceforge.net/ which hasn’t been updated sine 2003, is based on an old version of NUnit (I think the report format might have changed significantly?) and is a nant task (we don’t use nant).

Before I spend too long trying to doctor nunit2reports xslt’s to suit the recent NUnit’s output, can anyone point be to a more suitable tool?

Many thanks.


I know this is an old question, but it’s the top result in Google on the subject and thought it deserved a mention.. Where I work had the exact same issue so we developed a little app that will parse an XML results file and output a nice looking self-contained HTML page based on bootstrap 3. Code and binaries are available on GitHub. It’s responsive as well as we email the reports to mobile devices.


You can also try ReportUnit, which also supports Gallio, xUnit, TestNG and MSTest: http://reportunit.relevantcodes.com

This is a simple exe file that will convert your xml report into an HTML dashboards (samples):


reportunit "path-to-folder" // folder-level report
reportunit "path-to-folder" "output-folder" // folder-level report
reportunit "Result.xml" "generated.html" // file-level report

More info here: http://reportunit.relevantcodes.com


For anyone interested, I found two other tools.

Both are available on Lauchpad, linked to from the very basic product pages linked above.

Unfortunately, neither of these tools provided the required level of detail for our installation – so I ended up doctoring the xslt’s that came with nunit2report to suit out needs.


There’s also an ‘nunit2report’ task in NAntContrib (which was recently updated with the NAnt 0.91 release).

NAntContrib NUnit2Report Task


This looks decent, works with NUnit3, is free and actively maintained as of Sept 2017:


Sample Report: