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How to create a readable stream with an async data source in NodeJs?

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NodeJS, Express, DynamoDB (but could be any database really)

Need to read a large number of records and return to the user as a downloadable file. This means that I cannot buffer all the content at once and then send it in a response from Express. Also, I may need to execute the query multiple times since all data might not be returned in one query.

Proposed Solution:
Use a readable stream that can be piped to the response stream in Express.

I started by creating an object that inherits from stream.Readable and implemented a _read() method which pushes the query results. The problem is that the database query invoked in _read() is async but the stream.read() is a sync method.

When the stream is piped to the response of the server, the read is invoked several times before the db query even got a chance to execute.
So the query is invoked multiple times and even when the first instance of the query finishes and does a push(null), the other queries complete and I get a “push() after EOF” error.

  1. Is there a way to do this properly with _read()?
  2. Should I forget about _read() and just execute the query and push() results in the constructor?
  3. Should I execute the query and emit data events instead of push()?

Thank you

function DynamoDbResultStream(query, options){
    if(!(this instanceof DynamoDbResultStream)){
        return new DynamoDbResultStream(query, options);

    Readable.call(this, options);

    this.dbQuery = query;
    this.done = false;
util.inherits(DynamoDbResultStream, Readable);

DynamoDbResultStream.prototype._read = function(){
    var self = this;
        dynamoDB.query(this.dbQuery, function(err, data) {
            if (!err) {
                if (data.LastEvaluatedKey) {
                    //Next read() should invoke the query with a new start key
                    self.dbQuery.ExclusiveStartKey = data.LastEvaluatedKey;

After posting this question, I’ve found this post with an answer that shows how to do it without using inheritance: How to call an asynchronous function inside a node.js readable stream

A comment was made there that inside _read() there should only be one push(). And each push() will usually generate another read() invocation.


Be aware of the different modes of Stream: https://nodejs.org/api/stream.html#stream_two_modes

const Readable = require('stream').Readable;

// starts in paused mode
const readable = new Readable();

let i = 0;
fetchMyAsyncData() {
  setTimeout(() => {
    // still remains in paused mode

    if (i === 5) {
      return readable.emit('end');

  }, 500);    

// "The res object is an enhanced version of Node’s own response object and supports all built-in fields and methods."
app.get('/mystreamingresponse' (req, res) => {

  // remains in paused mode
  readable.on('readable', () => res.write(readable.read()));


  // closes the response stream once all external data arrived
  readable.on('end', () => res.end());