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How to create arguments for a Dapper query dynamically

Posted by: admin November 29, 2017 Leave a comment


I have a dictionary of values Eg “Name”: “Alex”

Is there a way to pass this to Dapper as arguments for a query?

Here is an example showing what I want to do.

IDictionary<string, string> args = GetArgsFromSomewhere();
string query = "select * from people where Name = @Name";
var stuff = connection.Query<ExtractionRecord>(query, args);


var dbArgs = new DynamicParameters();
foreach(var pair in args) dbArgs.Add(pair.Key, pair.Value);

Then pass dbArgs in place of args:

var stuff = connection.Query<ExtractionRecord>(query, dbArgs);

Alternatively, you can write your own class that implements IDynamicParameters.

Note that if you are starting from an object (the usual approach with dapper), you can also use this template with DynamicParameters as a starting point:

var dbArgs = new DynamicParameters(templateObject);


I know this is an old question (like, 5 years old) but I was struggling with the same thing. The complete answer is in the comments to the other answer, but I thought I would offer a full example here.

string query = "SELECT * FROM MyTableName WHERE Foo = @Foo AND Bar = @Bar";

Dictionary<string, object> dictionary = new Dictionary<string, object>();
dictionary.Add("@Foo", "foo");
dictionary.Add("@Bar", "bar");

var results = connection.Query<MyTableName>(query, new DynamicParameters(dictionary));

Or, to be fully dynamic, you can create a method like this, which will take any model, any query, and any set of query parameters:

    public static IEnumerable<T> Get<T>(string query, Dictionary<string, object> dictionary)
        IEnumerable<T> entities = connection.Query<T>(query, new DynamicParameters(dictionary));
        return entities;

And then to call this method:

var results = Get<MyTable>(query, dictionary)