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How to disable auto backspace in Excel VBA editor

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When typing in the editor it puts me back on the end of the last word.

For example, I want Sub Entername()

If I’m not typing quickly enough it goes: SubEnterName().

How do I turn this off.

How to&Answers:

I’ve heard of this problem before. Try these steps:

  1. Close down excel.
  2. Open it first it in safe mode (type “excel.exe /s” in the run box).
  3. Open the VBA Editor and attempt to write a macro. The issue should not occur
  4. Close down excel and re open it normally

I’ve heard these steps have fixed this issue before for others.


Are you using any VBE addins like Smart Indenter or Code Cleaner? Remove Code Cleaner and install it only when you are going to use it, then uninstall it when you are done. I had the same problem and Code Cleaner was the culprit. I believe it might be the two of them together that causes it.

For reference:


This issue is because of a COM Add-In called ‘Load Test Report Addin’. to disable it, do the following:
go to Excel Options -> Add-Ins and choose Excel COM Add-ins from bottom drop down and press Go... button. then uncheck the ‘Load Test Report Addin’ item to diable it. this will clear the problem!


To prevent auto refreshing and deleting back-spaces in VBA editor, you should make sure that all forms or reports that have On-Timer Event Procedures are in design view or the code should be turned-off (i.e. converted into comments).

However, it is better to make sure that all forms and reports are in design view which means none of the On-Timer codes are executing.

I hope this helps.



Do you have AutoSave turned on? I had a file doing this just now. While typing, as SOON as I stopped, AutoSave was working away – (inadvertently, I’m sure) this was causing VBE to kill spaces.

Did two tests:
-Moved the file off Sharepoint onto my local machine, worked fine
-Turned off AutoSave on the Sharepoint copy, worked fine