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How to disable cache in android webview?

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In my android webview my webpage is loading even without internet because of cache, so i want to disable cache in android webview, can anyone help me how to do this?

I am using following lines in my webview, but still i am not able to disable cache.


Please suggest me if there are some other methods

How to&Answers:

Please add below code


Please remove app from history task and test its working.


Just after creating your webview, before loading any pages, you can clear the cache.

myBrowser.clearCache(true) – the boolean indicates if you wish to delete the cached files on disk as well.

The documentation is here if you wish to dig further.


I had the same problem. Even though I had the below two lines, my webview was still loading old data.


My mistake was, i had this cache related settings after I called the loadUrl() on webview. After I moved these cache settings ahead of loadUrl(), i had everything working as expected.