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How to disable Instant Run for Android Studio 3.0

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After making a few changes I am getting an error

Session ‘app’: Error Installing APKs

According to some it is because of Instant Run.

On the latest Stable Android Studio 3.0, under Build, Execution, Deployment I don’t have any option for Instant Run, even checked in the settings search. Any clue where I might be able to disable it?

Update 1: Tried reinstalling. No change.

Build number 171.4408382

Update 2: Gave reset a shot https://stackoverflow.com/a/19397632/1926621 still nothing.

Update 3: Not a duplicate. Must be something in the settings. A complete clean install/reset did it.

Screenshot of what I see:
enter image description here

How to&Answers:

Go to Android Studio Settings or Preferences (for MAC) -> Build,Execution,Deployment -> Instant Run.

Then deselect the “Enable Instant Run” checkbox at the top.

Linux Screenshot:

Android Studio 3.0 Settings, Showing Instant Run Options

Windows Screenshot:

Android Studio 3.0 Settings (Windows), Showing Instant Run Options

For Mac go to Help in MenuBar and type ‘preferences’
go to ‘Android Studio -> Preferences’ in MenuBar

Mac ScreenShot


Instant Run is not a feature of Android Studio 3.5 (and later) any more and so cannot be disabled.
In case you find an old guide recommending to disable it, you can ignore this instruction.
See here 1 and here 2.


Just make sure you go to Android Studio -> Preferences instead of File -> Other settings -> default settings.
Instant run should be there.


Finally fixed!

As other users on Linux and such saw the Instant Run option in the settings, I tried reinstalling and resetting the installation, following https://stackoverflow.com/a/19397632/1926621

Removed all old settings, and installation of Android Studio( kept the SDK files). Changed the path. Opened the same project, and the options were now there!


Easiest/Laziest option for For mac would be CMD+SHIFT+A Search for instant run, click on relevant suggestion and uncheck the checkbox