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How to download python from command-line? [closed]

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I’m on windows, but I’m using a putty shell to connect to a linux machine, and want to install python 2.7. Can’t figure out how to do it. How can I download python from command line?

wget --no-check-certificate https://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.7.11/Python-2.7.11.tgz
tar -xzf Python-2.7.11.tgz  
cd Python-2.7.11

Now read the README file to figure out how to install, or do the following with no guarantees from me that it will be exactly what you need.

sudo make install  

For Python 3.5 use the following download address:

For other versions and the most up to date download links:


apt-get install python2.7 will work on debian-like linuxes. The python website describes a whole bunch of other ways to get Python.


Well if you are getting into a linux machine you can use the package manager of that linux distro.

If you are using Ubuntu just use apt-get search python, check the list and do apt-get install python2.7 (not sure if python2.7 or python-2.7, check the list)

You could use yum in fedora and do the same.

if you want to install it on your windows machine i dont know any package manager, i would download the wget for windows, donwload the package from python.org and install it