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How to enable Heap updates on my android client

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Under DDMS, there is a HEAP tab, and then I click my android application under ‘Devices’.
But it said:

Heap updates are NOT ENABLED for this client

How can I enable Heap update for my android application?

How to&Answers:

On the devices tab, there are a bunch of icons starting with a green bug. To the right of that is the “Update Heap: button which looks like a green cylinder that is half full. Press that button and the heap tab should be enabled. Click “Cause GC” to populate the Heap tab.

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It is worth to mention one thing, you have to put in android:debuggable="true" in the AndroidManifest.xml (under Application tag) in order to see the process list appear under the available device/simulator (in DDMS). Even though you are not trying to run your application in debug mode.