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How to find the logs on android studio?

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I have tried to import my project in to android studio.The error will be shown.I need to know where do I get logs?

Consult IDE log for more details (Help | Show Log)
How to&Answers:

On toolbar -> Help Menu -> Show log in explorer.

It opens log folder, where you can find all logs


On a Mac, the idea.log is contained in


The new stable version (1.2) is in


The new stable version (2.2) is in


The new stable version (3.4) is in



I had the same problem and after some searching I was able to find my logs at the following location:



There is no way to get the logs for installing problems.


My Android Studio is 3.0, please follow the two steps below,hope this will help;)
First step.
Second step


You could open Messages or Event Log tool window to see your log.
In addition to that if you want to see device log then you could open Logcat tool window to view your log : View > Tool Windows > Logcat
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In ubuntu it should be under


user_name is logged in user name and
product_name could be e.g. .AndroidStudio1.5


In windows version

you can find the log in the bottom of the IDE, click the “Gradle Console”, and then choose the “Android Monitor”. You will see a Droplistbox control which shows “Verbose” as a default value.

If you use log.v() . Verbose option is okay. if you use log.d(), just change it to Debug.

So when you run your emulator, you can catch your log from this window.




Hope this helps someone: on Mac OS X, the logs are within /Users/<user>/Library/Logs/AndroidStudio<version>/


For Android studio 3.4.2 go to View -> Tool Windows -> Logcat.

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