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How to get file name from googleapis direct download

Posted by: admin October 29, 2018 Leave a comment


i want to create direct download link from google drive.

im already ready read this good answer but not working if the files already QUOTA_EXCEEDED.

and im already read this answer too. this one is working even if the file already QUOTA_EXCEEDED, but when im download it, the file name is id of that file not name of that file, i want when i download, it generate name not id.

this is example link


ID file = 0B475ByfcR9n4a1JMVEZxQno2Tmc.

API key = hjags87as6d78asgdahsgd7a6sd(this_is_fake_key)

or is there another way to baypass QUOTA_EXCEEDED using script from this question?

u can try this link https://links-safety.com/download.php?id=0B475ByfcR9n4a1JMVEZxQno2Tmc. they baypass QUOTA_EXCEEDED.

and im find in some site they using https://video-downloads.googleusercontent.com/ to get direct download link. this one for example