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How to handle ETIMEDOUT error?

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How to handle etimedout error on this call ?

 var remotePath = "myremoteurltocopy"
 var localStream = fs.createWriteStream("myfil");;
        var out = request({ uri: remotePath });
        out.on('response', function (resp) {
            if (resp.statusCode === 200) {
                localStream.on('close', function () {
                    callback(null, localFile);
                callback(new Error("No file found at given url."), null);

There are a way to wait for longer? or to request the remote file again?

What exactly can cause this error? Timeout only?


This is caused when your request response is not received in given time(by timeout request module option).

Basically to catch that error first, you need to register a handler on error, so the unhandled error won’t be thrown anymore: out.on('error', function (err) { /* handle errors here */ }). Some more explanation here.

In the handler you can check if the error is ETIMEDOUT and apply your own logic: if (err.message.code === 'ETIMEDOUT') { /* apply logic */ }.

If you want to request for the file again, I suggest using node-retry or node-backoff modules. It makes things much simpler.

If you want to wait longer, you can set timeout option of request yourself. You can set it to 0 for no timeout.


We could look at error object for a property code that mentions the possible system error and in cases of ETIMEDOUT where a network call fails, act accordingly.

if (err.code === 'ETIMEDOUT') {
    console.log('My dish error: ', util.inspect(err, { showHidden: true, depth: 2 }));