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how to input in excel in java

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HOw do we input data in excel sheet using java code , the excel sheet format is shown in the photo below.

The Total days and Hrs are calculated automatically here in sheet as soon as i enter in the above columns, Please tell me how do start . Also these input are associated to the other sheet(sheet2) . so please tell me the way so that it also flexible and i can modify the data in the sheet2.

![Excel sheet that needs to be automated][2]

How to&Answers:

Use a third party library like apache poi for reading Excel data in Java.


You might want to try the jexcelapi found on sourceforge: JExcelApi

Very easy to use to read & write excel files from java.


You use Java Excel API. This is an excellent article that demonstrates reading from and writing to Excel with Java.

Here is the Java Excel API download.