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How to install android Lollipop in eclipse?

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This android Documentation says that installation procedure of android Lollipop.

in third step they says that

Select everything under the Android L Developer Preview section and click Install packages.

But I unable to find any section like android L developer preview. Where to download it I follow all the steps from my eclipse juno.

How to&Answers:


Before installing latest tools in SDK manager, I would recommend you to update ADT plugin from Help -> Check for updates. Otherwise you would have to face issue described here: Update Eclipse with Android development tools v. 23


As mentioned in 2nd step, first you have to install latest SDK Tools, Platform-tools, and Build-tools.

enter image description here

Next Step:

After installing latest tools, you will get Android L and Android 4.4W sections:

enter image description here


Update all the SDK tools and restart the SDK manager for the Android L sections to show up.


Since now the Android lollipop came try to install and explore from u can download from android site. Api 21
Here u can find guide also for setup: