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How to install python developer package?

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I am trying to get mod_wsgi 3.3 to work. When I run make it is telling me that I am missing the Python developer package. How do I get and install the Python developer package?

The error I get is as follows:

mod_wsgi.c:135:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory
mod_wsgi.c:138:2: error: #error Sorry, Python developer package does not appear to be installed.
mod_wsgi.c:142:2: error: #error Sorry, mod_wsgi requires at least Python 2.3.0 for Python 2.X.
mod_wsgi.c:150:2: error: #error Sorry, mod_wsgi requires that Python supporting thread.
mod_wsgi.c:153:21: error: compile.h: No such file or directory
mod_wsgi.c:154:18: error: node.h: No such file or directory
mod_wsgi.c:155:20: error: osdefs.h: No such file or directory

System (Amazon EC2 instance)

  • Apache 2.2.16 (Unix)
  • Amazon Linux(Red Hat 4.4.4-13) AMI Beta Version 2011.02
  • Python 2.6.6

yum install python-devel will work.

If yum doesn’t work then use

apt-get install python-dev


For me none of the packages mentioned above did help.

I finally managed to install lxml after running:

sudo apt-get install python3.5-dev


If you use yum search you can find the python dev package for your version of python.

For me I was using python 3.5. I ran the following

yum search python | grep devel

Which returned the following

enter image description here

I was then able to install the correct package for my version of python with the following cmd.

sudo yum install python35u-devel.x86_64

This works on centos for ubuntu or debian you would need to use apt-get

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