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How to make any html color code semi transparent [Android]

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I have one Android application were i have one shape and in that i have one solid tag.

I want to make this shape 20% transparent with above color code.
How should i do that?

How to&Answers:

If the color is represented in hexadecimal, like #424242, then adding two more digits in front of this “number” will represent the transparency, ex: #66424242. (66 in this example)
You can play a bit until arrive at desired effect.


android:color=”#66FF0000″ is partially transparent red and if you decreasing the value of 6 as 5,4,3 up to 1 as “#56FF0000″ ,”#46FF0000″,”#36FF0000″,”#26FF0000”, the transparent color will becoming thin and the same way if u increase the first number as “#76FF0000″,”#86FF0000”,
like that the transparent color becoming thick.so we can arrange the transparency of color ourself. and it is applicable to all type of colors!!


Would something like this work?

android:color="#66FF0000"    // Partially transparent red

Taken from https://stackoverflow.com/a/7689776/1391624


I have tried adding two digits to the front of the ‘number’ e.g. #66424242, this definitely works since I use it on my blog