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How to make FIND function exact in Excel

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I’m using the FIND function in Excel to check whether certain characters appear in a string of characters in a cell.

However, this function doesn’t work cleanly for certain special characters. Specifically F̌,B̌, and some others. When F̌ appears in the string, FIND recognizes it as both F and F̌.

Notable that this is not the case for characters such as Ď and Č. FIND works nicely for these.

How can I get the formula to always differentiate between characters with and without the hat? Is there a way to work in EXACT?

Thank you!

How to&Answers:

It is because is actually two characters.

=LEN("F̌") returns 2 not 1. The second character is the hat.

If you do:


It will return the

And as such =FIND("F","F̌") will return 1 as it is the first letter of a two character string.

To find “F” in A,B,F̌,F use:


enter image description here

To find either then we need to use IF:


enter image description here


Given that your substrings are comma-separated, look for the character followed by a comma (and add a comma to the end of the string to find the last character).

This allows you to separate multicharacter substrings from uni-character substrings where the latter is contained in the former.

You could use something like:


That will find an F in A5, but will not find an F if only is present

enter image description here