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How to Multiply two numbers in php

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1)I am retrieving the deduction data from db as 1000.00 and its type is in double(10,2)

2) And i have calculated monthly salary based on working days as shown below,
i am getting out put of $emppp as 2898.00;

3) Now i am trying to subtract deduction(1000.00 which is from db)from salary then its showing the error like this

A non-numeric value encountered

<th class='text-right'>".$emppp-$total_did;echo"Rs</th>

How to&Answers:

What you need is like this:

1.get $emp_salary by doing $totaldays*$amounts. (don’t use number_format() there)

2.Now subtract deduction amount from $emp_salary and then use number_format()

Sample code:


$employee_salary = 45000.00; //assumed

$days = 29; //feb month total days

$totaldays = 20; //days user is present in office

$deduction = 10000.00; // you gave it in your question

$amounts = round($employee_salary/$days);//get per day salary

$emp_salary= $totaldays*$amounts; // get total salary based on days user is present in office

echo $emppp= number_format($emp_salary-$deduction ,2); // now remove deduction amount and use number_format()

Output: https://3v4l.org/O8PO1

More reduced code: https://3v4l.org/oftfC