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How to remove all cookies in Angularjs?

Posted by: admin November 29, 2017 Leave a comment


I can set a cookie like this:

$cookieStore.put('myCookie','I am a cookie');

And I can remove it with


But how can I remove all cookies?


Ok, obviously this may not be the best solution, but I’ve find a workaround:

angular.forEach($cookies, function (v, k) {

But I’ld still appreciate if there’s a better solution. I’m really curious about why there isn’t a built-in $cookieStore.removeAll() method…

Requires the ngCookies module to be installed.


With the 1.4 version, $cookieStore is deprecated. Instead you can use $cookies service. Get all cookies with $cookies.getAll() and remove each with $cookies.remove('key').

var cookies = $cookies.getAll();
angular.forEach(cookies, function (v, k) {


In case you are on this page and you working on an old project that uses angular 1.3.x or less, you can simply use this

$cookies.cookieKey = undefined;
delete $cookies['cookieKey'];