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How to remove/hide Paypal logo from Card.io Phonegap iOS and Android?

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I have successfully integrated the Card.io plugin for Phonegap in Android and iOS.

My client does not want the Paypal logo to be displayed on the top right of the scanning screen. Is there a way to hide it?

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How to&Answers:

The current PhoneGap plugin implementation doesn’t have this functionality implemented, however it very simple to add it, just fork the plugin and modify it to use card.io logo instead of PayPal.

For iOS https://github.com/card-io/card.io-iOS-SDK/blob/master/CardIO/CardIOPaymentViewController.h#L92

For Android http://card-io.github.io/card.io-Android-SDK/io/card/payment/CardIOActivity.html#EXTRA_USE_CARDIO_LOGO

Hope it helps.


Yeah , is possible HIDE logo paypal and logo Card IO in Android native, But its a work Hard.

You need open Jar card.io, after that you need decompiler code, after that with .class files

you need Assembler Editor to in Byte code instruction of Machine you can Remove booth images

and nothing is showed, you cannot remove keyboard, but you can put a black screen above that, in link , you have card-io-modified.jar , with this jar you remove that things

get lib here : https://github.com/luizfelipetx/CardIO-Modified



For Native IOS

 CardIOPaymentViewController *scanViewController = [[CardIOPaymentViewController alloc] initWithPaymentDelegate:self];



You can try this plugin: Card.IO

It has property called “hideLogo”: true


On line 81 of CardIOCordovaPlugin.m, you can change the line of code

paymentViewController.hideCardIOLogo = YES;