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How to run an Android Studio project directly from the Finder?

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How to open an Android Studio project from the Finder? I see the below list of files. Is it possible to double-click one of them to get it opened by Android Studio?

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Sorry, but there is no one-click run solution like I expect you have with some IDEs like Visual Studio or CodeBlocks.

All you need to do is open your Android Studio and then import a project.

EDIT: I’ve already run Android project in Android Studio using Terminal (using Ubuntu 14.04LTS). This is my full command:

 ./android/android-studio/bin/studio.sh workspace/Android/glucosio-android/

Hope you find it useful


You can create command line launcher Tools > Creat Command-line Launcher

If you are using macOS then create an Automator Quick action.

  1. Configure like following
  2. Add a run shell script, then paste /usr/local/bin/studio [email protected]. Make sure pass input is changed to as Arguments.
    enter image description here

  3. Save it (say Open with Android studio), then right click on the studio project folder > Quick actions > Open with Android studio. Or if you don’t have much quick action this will list in the bottom of the context menu itself.
    enter image description here


No, You need import the project from the Android studio.

There isn’t a way to open directly from finder. What you need to do is:

On Android Studio go to File Menu -> New… -> Import Project


  • In Finder, select the ListView_Ex2.iml file.
  • Right click, and select Get Info
  • Under Open with: select Other and choose Android Studio, then Always Open With, and click Add.
  • Click Change All…

You can now double-click any IML file to open that project.