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How to select the list of players in the above order?

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screenshot of players selection.I’m automating baseball sports reporter application. My application is a desktop application. I’m using winium tool with java language.

These are the players that i need to select::

  #players names  ::  positions
 Happ            = CF
 Bryant          = 3B
 Rizzo           = 1B
 Contreras       = C
 Schwarber       = LF
 Russell         = SS
 Heyward         = RF
 Baez            = 2B
 Chatwood        = P

now i need to select the particular players that I mentioned above list order.
My application manual working process is first double click a player and mean time a window came to select the position by single click. etc..

public void awayTeamHitters() {

        String[] players = new String[]
                "Happ, Ian#","Bryant, Kris","Rizzo, Anthony*","Contreras, Willson","Schwarber, Kyle*","Russell, Addison","Heyward, Jason*","Baez, Javier"
        String[] positions=new String[]

            List<String> playersInList = Arrays.asList(players);
            List<String> positionsInlist=Arrays.asList(positions);

            //selecting players   
            WebElement table = driver.findElement(By.xpath(".//*[@AutomationId='lsvAwayTeamHitters1']"));
            List<WebElement> rows = table.findElements(By.xpath("./*[contains(@LocalizedControlType, 'item')]"));
            for (WebElement row : rows) {
                List<WebElement> cols = row.findElements(By.xpath("./*[contains(@LocalizedControlType, 'text')]"));
                for (WebElement col : cols) {
                    String celtext = col.getAttribute("Name");
                    if (playersInList.contains(celtext)) {
                        Actions act = new Actions(driver);

                         //selecting positions
                        WebElement pos= driver.findElementById("PlayerPositions");
                         List<WebElement> rowpos=pos.findElements(By.xpath("./*[contains(@LocalizedControlType, 'button')]"));
                         for (WebElement val : rowpos) {
                             String postext = val.getAttribute("Name");
                             if(positionsInlist.contains(postext)) {



    catch (Exception e) {


Here getting output is first selecting this player Baez and then select position is RF, and then select Contreras and select position RF.. how to select the above order and i have other issue is the player names contains in the 2 list box as the above screenshot…and automation id is lsvAwayTeamHitters2…

this is the output i’m getting now..
output screenshot