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How to show custom text on Call screen [on hold]

Posted by: admin November 1, 2017 Leave a comment


I am new to Android.
I want to create simple application that allow user to show some pre-define text on the call screen (Incoming and outgoing call).
For example, I want to display text like “Thanks for calling”, when a user calls some numbers or receives a call from some people, on the native call screen.
I don’t know how to even start googling about it.


You can’t.

When you want to make a call in Android, you need to start an Intent using Intent.ACTION_CALL, since that Intent only accepts a number as data, your question is simply not possible.

See: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/Intent.html#ACTION_CALL

Also think about this, not every dialer app is the same on every Android phone. However, you might want to do something like you are asking in your app itself, for example when a call is done.