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How to stop a screen process in linux?

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I am running a script on a remote server. I ran the script in screen, however I need to stop it before it completes since I need to update the script. I can easily detach from screen, however, is there a way to kill a screen process?


CTRL+a and then ‘k’ will kill a screen session.


There are a couple of ‘screen’ ways to kill a specific screen session from the command line (non-interactively).

1) send a ‘quit’ command:

screen -X -S "sessionname" quit

2) send a Ctrl-C to a screen session running a script:

screen -X -S "sessionname" stuff "^C"

In both cases, you would need to use ‘screen -ls’ to find the session name of the screen session you want to kill … if there is only one screen session running, you won’t need to specify the -S “sessionname” parameter.


I used this to quit hundreds of erroneous screen sessions created by a buggy command:

for s in $(screen -ls|grep -o -P "1\d+.tty"); do screen -X -S $s quit; done;

where: the grep -o -P "1\d+.tty" is the command to get session names with Perl-like name regex "1\d+.tty" which captures all sessions start with number 1, has some other numbers (\d) and end with .tty

You should test with this command first to see you get the exact list of sessions you want before apply the above command. This is to avoid quitting unwanted sessions:

for s in $(screen -ls|grep -o -P "1\d+.tty"); do echo $s; done;

I always to this echo test whenever the list in for loop is not clear, for example, the one generated by sub-command in $() expansion.