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How to use HTML to do a Skype call?

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I tried to insert the following snippet in my script. By clicking the link it should do a call to a Skype account. I’ve been looking for hours now, but can’t figure out why it doesn’t work.

<pre><code>&lt;a href=&quot;callTo://USERNAME&quot;&gt;&lt;img src=&quot;http://goodies.skype.com/graphics/skypeme_btn_small_green.gif&quot; border=0&gt;&lt;/a&gt;</code></pre>

Is it accepted in any way or do I miss something here?


Try “callto” (with no uppercase letters).

<a href="callto://+***********">Link will initiate Skype to call my number!</a>

<a href="skype:********?call">Link will initiate Skype
   to call my Skype username!</a>

source: http://geek.michaelgrace.org/2010/03/create-html-link-that-starts-a-skype-call/


I have been fighting with the following link all day.

<a href="skype:USERNAME?chat">Start chat</a>

The problem that I had was with the USERNAME part

Finally, I just solved it.

My name on Skype web page was name but the real name was name lastname. The link in my web page did make Skype to load in my Android phone but, Skype failed to find the account to wich I wanted to call (name lastname).

I tryed, and failed:

<a href="skype:name lastname?call">...
<a href="skype:name+lastname?call">...
<a href="skype:name%20lastname?call">...
<a href="skype:name-lastname?call">...
<a href="skype:name_lastname?call">...
<a href="skype:phonenumber?call">...

Then, the solution:

<a href="skype:live:emailnamewithoutdomain?call">...

I just hope u find it usefull.

And, do not forget that u have a plenty of commands to add after the ? in the url (add,call,chat,and so on).


Just for another option from their official website:

It’s nice and easy to use, can be used both for chat or/and call.

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