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How to use php-amqplib rabbitMQ on web browser

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I am trying to use php-amqplib for sending and receiving message. It works sending/receiving on terminal. But When go for web browser, unable to receive from queue it continuously waits for message. I used below code for receive.php

require_once(__DIR__ . '/lib/php-amqplib/amqp.inc');
include_once(__DIR__ . '/config/config.php');
$connection = new AMQPConnection(HOST, PORT, USER, PASS, VHOST);
$channel = $connection->channel();
$callback = function($msg){
echo $msg->body;
$channel->basic_consume('test22', 'consumer_tag', false, true, false, false, $callback);

while(count($channel->callbacks)) {

It gets first message from queue if I use below instead of callback function but does not consume from queue

$abc=$channel->basic_get("test22", false, 2);    

It means messages are available in queue ‘test22’.
give me any clue.

How to&Answers:

Change echo $msg->body; to error_log($msg->body); (or other loggin system you’re using). I think you’ll probably will see the messages on the logs. On the web browser the page is already loaded so it won’t change even if the script is receiving the message.