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How to Zoom Out in Android Emulator

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Let’s say I have One Emulator That is shown below. In that Emulator Right Side one Panel as we know that it is control panel and Short Cut.Now In that panel one icon is for Zoom. When I click on that icon and Zoom something in My Emulator that work fine see below Image..

Normal Screen :

enter image description here

When press Zoom Button on Emulator..

enter image description here

My Question : How to Zoom out in Emulator. Because there is no any Button. Everytime I wanna Shut Down Emulator and reopen it.

How to&Answers:

There is a way to zoom out of the emulator screen. After you have zoomed in appropriately and want to zoom out (return to original state), simply click the same zoom button again.

If instead, you want to zoom out in stages like the way you zoomed in, click the right mouse button.


When you click on the zoom button you can also resize the window