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html – How to convert text with things like %C3%A0

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I have many list of names with things like %C3%A0 which I believe stands for a with an apostrophe.

M%C3%A0rius Torres should be Marius Torres.

But the problems is that there are many different kinds of these and I cannot change them manually anymore. There are about 13,000 unique names.

How can I convert it into their correct names in excel?

As a reference, I queried many names in wikipedia database. Here is the link

How to&Answers:

The names have most likely been URL encoded. This is done to anything that is included in an URL. For example, if I try to search for ” it’s ” on Google, my browser goes to the address https://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&q=it%27s. As you can see, the ” it’s ” has been changed to ” it%27s “.

All that you need to do in PHP to undo this is to put the string through the urldecode() function. You’d do the following:

$string = “M%C3%A0rius Torres”;

$decoded = urldecode($string);

echo $decoded;

That should give you the decoded string. Read more about the urldecode() function at http://au1.php.net/urldecode.


Your text is URL encoded. Since you have php as one of your tags, I’m assuming the output goes through some form of PHP processing. In that case, you’ll want to use the urldecode function. Documentation can be found here.


In Excel, like Word, you should be able to use “find”/”find & select” followed by “replace”.

You can also “sort and filter” to group things.

Both in top right hand corner of the Home page in Excel.