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HTML5 input required, scroll to input with fixed navbar on submit

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When trying to submit a form with missing required fields, my browser (Chrome), displays a message mentionning there is a field missing, and if it’s out of my screen, it scrolls up to it.

My problem is that I have a 50px fixed header in my webpage, and as a result, the input field is hidden, and the message seems to come out of nowhere:

Input field hidden

Instead of

Input field shown

Is there a way around this?

I tried both applying the 50px margin to <html> and to <body>



Here’s a fiddle of the problem: http://jsfiddle.net/LL5S6/1/


The only way I found is adding an ‘override’ to the invalid handler.
To implement this for every input in your form you can do something like this.

var elements = document.querySelectorAll('input,select,textarea');
var invalidListener = function(){ this.scrollIntoView(false); };

for(var i = elements.length; i--;)
    elements[i].addEventListener('invalid', invalidListener);

This requires HTML5 and this is tested on IE11, Chrome and Firefox.
Credits to @HenryW for finding that scrollIntoView works like expected.

Note that the false parameter for scrollIntoView aligns the input with the bottom, so if you have a large form it may be aligned with the bottom of the page.



I had the exact same problem and resolved it using jquery with this bit of code:

var delay = 0;
var offset = 150;

document.addEventListener('invalid', function(e){
   $('html, body').animate({scrollTop: $($(".invalid")[0]).offset().top - offset }, delay);
}, true);
document.addEventListener('change', function(e){
}, true);

Offset should be the height of your header and delay is how long you want it to take to scroll to the element.


When there are several invalid inputs in the form, you only want to scroll to the first of them:

var form = $('#your-form')
var navbar = $('#your-fixed-navbar')

// listen for `invalid` events on all form inputs
form.find(':input').on('invalid', function (event) {
    var input = $(this)

    // the first invalid element in the form
    var first = form.find(':invalid').first()

    // only handle if this is the first invalid input
    if (input[0] === first[0]) {
        // height of the nav bar plus some padding
        var navbarHeight = navbar.height() + 50

        // the position to scroll to (accounting for the navbar)
        var elementOffset = input.offset().top - navbarHeight

        // the current scroll position (accounting for the navbar)
        var pageOffset = window.pageYOffset - navbarHeight

        // don't scroll if the element is already in view
        if (elementOffset > pageOffset && elementOffset < pageOffset + window.innerHeight) {
            return true

        // note: avoid using animate, as it prevents the validation message displaying correctly



ok, i did a dirty test with a code snippet i found here on SO

As it is a code from someone else, i just alter it to scroll to the element that had a missing input requirement.
I do not want any credit for it, and it maybe is not even what you have in mind, you or someone else could use it as a reference.

The goal was to get the id of the forgotten/wrong input element:

            var myelement = input.id;
            var el = document.getElementById(myelement);

Please keep in mind that this fiddle only works for your posted fiddle above, it not handles multiple forgotten or wrong input fields.I only wanted to show an alternative.



Two solutions:

  • One: apply padding to the body –>

    body {
  • Two : apply margin to the main container –>

     #content {