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I want to get library for com.google.android.maps to add my project

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I want com.google.android.maps library.

I am just creating a demo for Map on android mobile but at the extends MapActivity it give error to create the class.

any downloadable link.

thanks in advance.

How to&Answers:

You need to download Google Api,and set build target as that Google Api.So that you can extend map activity.


you can find maps library from android-sdk-tools -> add-ons -> your api version.


You can find the maps.jar in the android-sdk folder on you file system


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Download jar file from following link:



It is a bit old thread but someone might find it useful.

I had issues with Google Maps V1 and a dependency on it as suddenly dependencies in Gradle were not loading compileSdkVersion 'Google Inc.:Google APIs:23' which includes Maps V1, I switched to compileSdkVersion 23 and got bunch of compile errors similar to OPs problem with extends MapActivity. I went on to look for Jars for Maps V1 and found them hiding in:


List includes bunch of pointers to various zip files eg:

    <!-- Built on: Mon Aug 15 05:06:51 2016. -->

In order to download that zip file you need to take <url> value and add it to https://dl.google.com/android/repository/ which would end up looking like:


And after you download and unzip, you will get the sources:

  |  |
  |  |- maps.jar
  |  \- usb.jar

Afterwards just drop maps.jar to libs directory, make sure it is loaded in dependencies compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar']) and your project should compile.


Here you can find the downloadable maps.jar http://www.java2s.com/Code/Jar/a/Downloadandroidgooglemapsapi8jar.htm